Wednesday, April 25th 2007

Samsung takes 1.8” drives up to 120GB

Samsung has launched the latest addition to its wide range of hard drives with the new SpinPoint N2 Series of 1.8” drives, ranging from 30GB to 120GB. Spinning at a rate of 4,200 RPM with 2-8MB caches, these drives are aimed mostly at ultra-portable laptops, ultra-mobile PCs and portable media players where a compact size is more important than overall performance. This means they could soon be finding their way into 120GB iPods and Zunes, a nice boost for hardcore music fans with enormous collections of songs. Samsung also commented on the pricing of Solid State Drives (SSDs) which are being viewed as the replacement for spinning hard drives within the next few years, particularly portable computers. Samsung’s market research has suggested that by 2010 1.8” SSD drives could have come down in price to costing just 3x more per gigabyte than their spinning equivalents – still quite a considerable gap, but an improvement nonetheless.

Source: Engadget via DailyTech
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2 Comments on Samsung takes 1.8” drives up to 120GB

~Technological Technocrat~
Most 1.8' HDDs are 4,200 RPM & thats fair, but if i was to upgrade to that Id it least get a 7,200 RPPM & possibly something with a bigger cache

& before anybody bollocks me, yes I know its for a laptop
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Bird of Prey
Agreed Freedom. Just because its for a laptop, doesnt mean you should sacrifice speed and read times. I want 7200RPM to become the standard
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