Thursday, May 3rd 2007

Aeneon Launches new XTUNE DDR2-1066 Overclocking Memory Modules

Aeneon, a Qimonda AG brand, announced the availability of a new series of overclocking memory modules designed on the needs of demanding users looking for highest speed and reduced latency. The new XTUNE overclocking series consists of DDR2 1066MHz overclocking memory modules offering exceptional system performance without any compromise on fast, stable and reliable system operation. With the XTUNE series Aeneon becomes the worldwide first memory vendor to provide high-performance memory modules without the need of higher supply voltages. The 1066MHz DIMMs operate at the default DDR2 voltage value of 1.8V and support the Enhanced Performance Profile (EPP) standard. The XTUNE DDR2 memory modules are available with densities of 512MB and 1GB. Both single modules and dual channel kits are tested to run at 1066MHz at a latency timing of 5-5-5-15 at the standard DDR2 voltage value of 1.8 V. The new overclocking DIMMs will be available through the authorized Aeneon sales representatives and distributors starting May 2007.

Source: Aeneon
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3 Comments on Aeneon Launches new XTUNE DDR2-1066 Overclocking Memory Modules

Bird of Prey
Wow, this is sweet. I hope its price isnt too over the top, seems like DDR2 memory is coming down in prices. Nice that they can get it at default voltage as well, and I like the heatspreaders they are using as well.
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hmm, sounds nice but hate seeing those heatsinks as i think they are kinda sucky, surely there are better designs..
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Wile E
Power User
Wow. If thew price is right, I may just get a set of these.
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