Monday, July 2nd 2007

Dell Aspiring to Become the most eco-friendly PC company

Back in April, Dell started the "Plant A Tree For Me" fund, which is basically a gigantic charity based around planting trees to offset the carbon dioxide surplus in our world. Now, Dell is taking further steps to actively protect and help the environment. Two of Dell's latest notebooks, the D430 and Precision M4300, have been certified with the stringent Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star 4.0. Ten of Dell's desktop models have already been certified compliant with Energy Star 4.0, which Dell claims makes it "the greenest technology company". Dell also launched cooler-running servers that are more efficient and require less energy to run. Dell is also working hard to make SSD storage available in as many of it's computers as possible.

If competitors decide that they want to steal the crown of "the greenest technology company" from Dell, we may finally see companies striving to make computers more powerful while reducing their impact on the environment.Source: Reg Hardware
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5 Comments on Dell Aspiring to Become the most eco-friendly PC company

i think Amd and Nvidia need to take note.
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Bird of Prey
Its always nice seeing companies do great things for the environment.
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Cool, perhaps this will nudge the OEM's towards making products with less energy draw.
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Yeah this is great. I keep hoping that companies will strive harder to make more energy efficient desktop hardware. Granted, I don't really like the idea of buying pre-built PCs from large companies like Dell, but I can certainly respect them.
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Yeah, us PC builders do all the energy saving ourselves, by buying ROHS compliant parts and an efficient power supply. The power is in our hands... :).

And then we blow all hopes of efficiency away by getting an R600 :roll:.
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