Tuesday, July 3rd 2007

I-ROCKS Launches RF-7330L 2.4GHz Digital Wireless “Anti-Jam” Laser Mouse

i-Rocks’ latest release is the RF-7330L 2.4GHz digital wireless laser mouse. This wireless laser uses the new generation of 2.4GHz Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) digital wireless technology, allowing it to automatically switch to a new channel when it detects interference from other wireless devices. The mouse also has access to 8,388,608 sets of IDs so your keyboard and mouse won’t run into interference problems with other RF products or even lose their connections. The RF-7330L’s has all-round 360-degree wireless reception with no blind spots. Users can therefore use their mouse freely without having to actually aim it at the receiver and it has an effective transmission range of up to 15 meters.

The latest laser optical technology built into the RF-7330L means that it can be used on any surface unlike traditional optical mice with their reliance on a smooth surface. Smooth photo paper, glossy magazines or shiny colored surfaces all pose no obstacle to the all-new design of the RF-7330L. For those used to the traditional optical mice, they can now enjoy the convenience of wireless laser mouse technology without the hassles of a mouse pad. It’s worthwhile noting that traditional laser products if improperly used can damage the eyes and skin. The laser technology used in the RF-7330L however protects the eyes against the light source. With quality certified as meeting Laser Class 1 and other related quality assurance standards, users are assured of a product that is safe and easy to use.

The RF-7330L wireless laser mouse is ergonomically designed with a specially widened palm rest. This reduces the stress on the wrist of users who work for long periods of time. The side and wrist-rest part of the mouse also use a rubberized material making the mouse glide more smoothly. The mouse scroll wheel uses the popular treaded design to make scrolling easier to control. The scroll-wheel is also designed to allow movement in four directions so users can not only scroll up and down the page but also scroll left and right across the screen, making documents a great deal easier to scan at a glance. Two Forward and Back buttons have also been incorporated into the side of the mouse so Web browsing is just as easy too.

Another feature of the RF-7330L is a super power saving design and the thoughtful low-power indicator. When the mouse is not in motion, it automatically switches between the five power management modes (Moving, Standby, Rest, Sleep and Deep Sleep) to reduce power consumption. This means the AA alkaline battery can keep the mouse running for up to 6 months (if used for 4 hours each day). The Avago 800dpi high precision laser sensor used in the RF-7330L offers high accuracy and high sensitivity with low latency. The receiver itself uses i-Rocks’ exclusive 2.4GHz digital wireless technology so it’s so compact that it can be stored securely in the base of the mouse. To use the compact USB wireless receiver, simply plug it into the PC or a notebook computer. This makes it extremely easy to use and carry around.

The RF-7330L 2.4GHz digital wireless mouse offers the most stable and powerful wireless connection. Traditional 27MHz wireless mice with their short range are very vulnerable to interference from metallic objects or signals from other mice. Our laser mouse uses the internationally recognized 2.4GHz ISM (Industry Science Medicine) frequency so it can be used in your living room, study, laboratory or even at the hospital!

  • 2.4GHz digital wireless technology with unlimited 360-degree reception. The powerful and reliable digital signal means that even in the most active wireless environments you will not experience any delays or broken connections while enjoying an effective range of over 15m.
  • Support for up to 8,388,608 sets of IDs with automatic frequency hopping anti-jamming technology.
  • The wireless receiver can be stored away in the base of the mouse itself. This special design makes it easy to carry and hard to lose.
  • Laser technology provides better tracking power than LED optical mice.
  • The ergonomic soft rubberized sides provide the most comfortable grip.
  • Four-direction scroll-wheel provides quick scrolling up, down and across the page.
  • Battery power switch design offers a unique power-saving function.
I-ROCKS Technology is a renowned Taiwanese brand for computer peripherals which sells its products all over the world, continually providing its clients and customers with innovative high-quality computer peripheral IO devices. Since it was first established, I-ROCKS has insisted on innovation, quality R&D, and successful marketing, thereby providing high-quality, high-value products which meet customer needs in every way possible. Currently, I-ROCKS has manufacturing facilities in China and branches in many countries, all with the goal of embracing globalization and international developments in marketing, and providing customers with high-quality peripheral products at reasonable prices. I-ROCKS is a leading brand name and manufacturer of computer, Internet, and online gaming products. For product details, please visit our website at I-ROCKS.COMSource: I-ROCKS
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Random Murderer
The Anti-Midas
wow, sounds like it would be nice for an htpc...
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Bird of Prey
I like the frequency hopping option. However, I have never heard of I-ROCKS.
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