Wednesday, July 18th 2007

Samsung Releases SCH-B750 In Korea

Another cell phone this time by Samsung electronics named SCH-B750 has been released in Korea market, which supports UCC making without camcorder or editing equipment.
The UCC phone features enhanced video recording up to CIP(352x288) resolutions however its bigest advantage is its Video Studio program with which users insert title, narration and background music.

It also has a 3mp camera having auto focus(AF) function, S-DMB, Bluetooth, VOD, MOD, mp3 player and will be available in three colors of black, white, red and suggested price is around 600,000(KRW).
If you ask me the phone is identical to the Nokia N93 and i for once would expect Samsung to come up with its own design. Source: Aving
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Bird of Prey
Ive seen designs on this phone and I thought they were doing this before Nokia's. Just the same everyone copies each other, I mean looking at the clamshell type phones and what not.
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Sure but this phone has the same exact design...I know cause i have N93...Its not that it aint nice but i was hoping for something unique :)
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