Monday, July 23rd 2007

AMD’s Fab 36 Fully Converted to 65nm Process Technology

Advanced Micro Devices announced during the most recent teleconference with analysts that its Fab 36 had been fully converted to modern process technology and also said that the yield of those products was high enough.
Our Fab 36 conversion to 65nm is complete, with yields exceeding expectations and we now turn all our attention to 45nm [transition]
said Dirk Meyer, the president and chief operating officer at AMD, during the conference call.
As a result, AMD’s first 65nm quad-core Opteron processors code-named Barcelona will be introduced in August or September, but will only run at 2.0GHz, whereas faster parts are projected to become available in Q4 2007.Source: X-bit labs
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27 Comments on AMD’s Fab 36 Fully Converted to 65nm Process Technology

where the hell are my stars
p_o_s_pc said:
Is a A xp older than a P4?
yes they were released during P3 times though athlon eats up a P4 as well so :p

p_o_s_pc said:
I am talking about the NEW Athlon x2(EE) not Athlon 64 x2.
This is the one i am talking about the 45w CPU
its BE not EE
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