Tuesday, July 31st 2007

BitTorent Sites Shut Down In Spain

BitTorrent Sites Shut Down In Spain

Bad news for the ones that are into using torrents since the Spanish police has reportedly shut down two BitTorrent sites the Todotorrente.com and the trackertdt.com. Both were taken offline and three administrators were arrested and accused of facilitating copyright infringement. Needless to say todotorrente.com, was one of the largest Spanish BitTorrent sites in Spain with tens of thousands active users thus resulting to €500.000 in losses to copyright holders, while the site itself made more than €30.000 in profits according to Spanish police.Source: NoticiasTech
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Bird of Prey
Slowly but surely the man is closing in on some of these torrent sites.

thing is, they cant stop the spread of it. For every three that go down, ten pop up. Its not right or pretty (on either front) but it continues...
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