Saturday, August 25th 2007

Dell Laptop Explodes 'Like Fireworks'

Just when we thought the enormous recall of all Sony laptop batteries in several laptops, including those made by Dell, was over, someone's laptop spontaneously combusts. The laptop-turned-firecracker was one of the Inspiron 9200s, which were among the first to be recalled. However, it is not clear whether or not the customer actually went through and replaced the battery. If this is not a case of consumer ignorance...this could mean that Dell will have to deal with another massive laptop battery recall.

Source: Reg Hardware
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7 Comments on Dell Laptop Explodes 'Like Fireworks'

THE FLAMES!! lets call 911!!

what an idiot....

secondly, damage to the house? (greedy?) well if he lives in a cardbox... laptop was closed and didnt burn thru screen. the flame and damage on the bottom, suggests nothing that could damage a house, unless it was placed upside down, which is rather unlikely.

from the topside-view it looks like it was the hdd. though the bottom indicates ram or battery.
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Bird of Prey
SUE EM! These battery stories are getting a bit ridiculous. Apparently, Sony cannot make a laptop battery for shit, either that, or they are outsourcing to 3rd world countries.
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where the hell are my stars
some is not sonys fault dell was putting batteries in very hot spots on the lappy and they were not getting cooled well enough leading to KABOOM!!!!
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I thought we saw the last of exploding batteries??
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LoL @ Sony's batteries.
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aaaaaah weres the fire extinguisheer :cry:
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