Wednesday, September 12th 2007

Adobe Photoshop Express Preview

Today the crowd at Photoshop World got a quick preview of Photoshop Express, a new application currently in development at Adobe. First hinted at by Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen some six months ago, Photoshop Express isn't meant to duplicate/replace Photoshop CS3 or Photoshop Elements. Rather, it's a new member of the Photoshop family that's meant to make Adobe imaging technology immediately accessible to large numbers of people. Photoshop Express is flash-based and will be available for free use online.
Source: Gizmodo
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2 Comments on Adobe Photoshop Express Preview

It's a shame.
Photoshop is the one program that everyone should take the time to master.
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Bird of Prey
True, it is a great program. Id love to take the time to learn it myself, as the amount of things you can do with it seems limitless. This is a good idea for those who dont have the patience to master Photoshop and yet, still want the goodness it offers.
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