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Avary Dishes on Wolfenstein Film

In a recent interview with Ain't It Cool News, Avary gave the first details on his upcoming "guys on a mission" WWII action film. Acknowledging the complaint many gamers have concerning the treatment of their beloved game franchises, Avary noted that while the movie will still be about "blowing s*** up, storming bunkers, busting dams, derailing trains, and killing Nazis," it won't strictly adhere to the game's plot.

"Whenever someone whines to me about breaking canon...I remind them that the original book, video game, or poem will ALWAYS exist in its original form for their enjoyment, but that a movie has special needs and compromises that occur due to a variety of real-world constrictions," said Avary. He went on to emphasize that it is more important to be true to the spirit of the character and franchise than it is to adhere to the game's plot.

While light on the specifics, Avary said that he would be blending Wolfenstein's signature larger-than-life style with "a certain quotient of reality." The movie would heavily incorporate the titular chateau during WWII in Europe, though action would also take place in surrounding locations. As for casting, Avary is interested in known European actors for more prominent roles like Dr. Otto Giftmacher and Hilda von Bulow. For the lead role of B.J. Blazkowicz, Avary somewhat cryptically stated, "All one needs to do is look at the box art on the Return to Castle Wolfenstein game and you can see who I see in my mind for the role."

Avary hopes to begin filming Return to Castle Wolfenstein next spring, barring any interference from a looming film-industry strike. It is unclear if the Wolfenstein film's release will be coordinated with that of Raven Software's new Wolfenstein game for the Xbox 360 and PC.

You can read a transcript of the interview here.
Source: Gamespot
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Senior Monkey Moderator
Avary noted that while the movie will still be about "blowing s*** up, storming bunkers, busting dams, derailing trains, and killing Nazis," it won't strictly adhere to the game's plot.
Translation : I don't have enough money for decent special effects involving the Nazi's use of paranormal experiments, so the movie is going to suck.
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Bird of Prey
Haha...nice translation.
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Yeah, hollywood doesn't need another mediocre WWII movie. If they are going to make it and make it well, the only way to do that is to adhere to the original plot. I actually find the original plot of Return to Castle Wolfenstein to be very intriguing. There actually was a paranormal division in the SS, although they didn't have the successes (or failures if you prefer) that occurred in the game. Also the robotic man, "uber soldats" were very interesting and the tie in of the paranormal with robotics was very unique (although very strange and unbelievable).
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I would pay to go watch the flick. I could even pin that =Wolf= patch, that came with my pre-ordered collectors metal box edition, to my shirt/jacket when I go watch the film. I wonder how many there would have one of the patches? RTCW is a true classic in my book. I won't be going to the theatre to watch any Doom, Resident Evil, Hitman or prob. any other port, espically Halo. RCTW though, thats a no brainer. Where can I pre-order my opening day, front row seat? :rockout:
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just as long as they don't do to Wolfenstein like what was done to DOOM :mad:

ResEvil, IMO, wasn't really all that bad of a crossover. I like how they kept close to the original style of plot, but focused more on character development in the first movies instead of just focusing on the action . . .
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Damn, seems like all the id games get ruined in the movies....

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I would like to see if they would incorporate some of Wolfenstein Enemy Terrority.
The level of destruction in that game that can be dealt is just crazy.
The ammount of dynamite, bullets, video camera guided RPG's, flame throwers, and air strikes needed to successfully portray the destruction would be insane. (that is why we have field ops for the weapon stash for an endless ammount of bullets and rockets, and medics to revive us when we are killed. Usually the medics get killed when they revive us, but we in turn kill their killers, but if thats when we dont do a Panzernoob and sacrafice yourself to keep them from "Capture The Old City":D.)
They so have to incorporate spawn killing, as it is my favorite thing to do in that game:D. I am a true fan of Wolfenstien, Return to Castle Wolfenstien, and Enemy Terrority. The Quake 3 arena game engine it is based on is really old, however it produces some of the best physics I have ever seen, even in modern games.
If they are going to make a movie based off the game, they better show all the important parts of the game. This includes team based objectives for Enemy terrority and elements from the story in Return to Castle Wolfenstien. also the exact weapons must be used in the movie as the game:rockout:.
Well I better get back to using my camera guided rocket launcher, as the Nazi's are trying to blow up my bridge.
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This could certaintly work, if done with a certain humouristic appeal in the background, not too 'seriously' like RTCW was done, in a way. Return to Castle Wolfenstein was a great game and the story was unique, fascinating and somewhat great, and the atmosphere..! It doesn't take a genious to figure out that the SS's paranormal examinations could've lead somewhere, so the whole storyline surrounding around these mutants, zombies and ûbersoldats in WW2 doesn't bother me at all.

I've seen reviews about RTCW that told the game was sucky just 'cos of the zombies and whatnot in the game. If you ask me, that's just the lack of imagination, or just plain ''unableness to adapt to something differing out of the ordinary'', which is incredible realism and action in WW2 games. Then, when you turn around the corner, you find some health-packs hanging off from a wall, and Krauts run against the iron sight of your Garand like in a turkey shoot. Then, these games get all the compliments. :nutkick:

RTCW was great, but not just because it was different, but it had nice action too. Firing a Venom-chaingun against the nazis was just plain fun that no other WW2 game could develop. Sure the game could've used a bit less action here and there, maybe some more stealth and more story-development here and there, but I must say, RTCW's been one of my favourite games ever. Way better than any Call of Duty/Medal of Honor will EVER be.
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