Monday, September 24th 2007

AMD Begins Cutting Costs, Stock Perks First to Go

As we all know, AMD has had a hard year thusfar. And so, AMD's move to cut costs is just short of expected. AMD employees, as of November 1st, 2007, will no longer be able to spend 20% of their salary on AMD stock at a 15% discount. Stock perks are not the only things we'll see leaving. There are noticeably fewer bonuses and charity-matchings this year, and there are a couple rumors of lay-offs.Source: The Inquirer
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4 Comments on AMD Begins Cutting Costs, Stock Perks First to Go

pbmaster said:
AAH The Inquirer lol
Yea, gotta love it. So... we still post news from them.. why? There should be a super tiny link to theinquirer instead of having to read past all this rumor-mill bloat. Engadget has a filter where you can take out all the pesky news about Apple. That's just me, but I have a definite bias towards both Apple and the Inquirer :laugh:
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If that was actually true that would be bad news. What company tells their employees not to invest with them that stayed in business?
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Bird of Prey
Well, with their problems in cash flow, its not unthinkable. But its not a killer either. So what if they lose stock options, more money for them in their pocket.
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