Tuesday, October 2nd 2007

Qimonda and Sony Found Joint Venture to Design DRAMs

Sony Corporation and Qimonda AG, a leading supplier of memory products, today announced that they have signed an agreement to found the joint venture Qreatic Design. The scope of the joint venture is the design of high-performance, low power, embedded and customer specific DRAMs for consumer and graphic applications. According to the agreement, the 50:50 joint venture is intended to start with up to 30 specialists from Sony and Qimonda, bringing together their first-class engineering expertise for the mutual benefit of both companies.

Qreatic Design, which will be located in Tokyo, Japan, is planned to start operations by the end of the calendar year, subject to regulatory approvals and other closing conditions, and to substantially expand its capacities by hiring additional designers.

As industry leading DRAM specialists, Qimonda possesses wide-ranging expertise encompassing all aspects of DRAM technology, from design to fabrication. Meanwhile, Sony continues to leverage its own DRAM expertise to develop unique solutions specifically tailored to finished products. By combining both companies’ accumulated technological knowledge and respective capabilities, the new joint venture will seek to realize unparalleled custom DRAM design strength.

“We believe that the joint venture will support our future product design and solutions development and will further pave the way for our product diversification in non-PC applications“, said Kin Wah Loh, President and CEO of Qimonda. “The set up of a new design center in Tokyo in cooperation with Sony is a strategic step to accelerate the worldwide R&D capabilities in that area. As Japan is an important and dynamic market for us and shows excellent R&D talents especially in the consumer and graphic area, we are glad to consistently expand our successful activities here.“

“We identified the establishment of a joint venture with Qimonda, a leader in the DRAM field, as an ideal opportunity to extend the advanced DRAM design expertise with which Sony has continued to generate added value in finished products into new business areas”, said Yutaka Nakagawa, Executive Deputy President, Officer in charge of Sony’s Semiconductor & Component Group (Semiconductor and Component). “We believe the integration of both companies’ technological strengths will lead to unprecedented levels of creativity and design that will continue to develop in the future.”

Tsuyoshi Kashiwagi (Sony) has been appointed as President and CEO of Qreatic Design, Thomas Seifert (Qimonda) as chairman of the board.Source: Qimonda
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Bird of Prey
What DRAM does Sony make? Ive never known them to make memory for laptops/desktops or anything except flash memory or the like.
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