Sunday, October 7th 2007

IPhone Firmware v1.1.1 Exploits and Hacks Appearing

With Firmware v1.1.1, Apple aimed to do more than prevent users from accessing other networks: they were trying to fix critical security holes. While their efforts did work temporarily, hackers recently are proclaiming that they are cracking those security measures. Hackers claim that a special TIFF file can cause a buffer overflow error in Mobile Safari, rendering the iPhone itself vulnerable. While these hacks are nowhere near as easy to use as what was happening in previous versions of firmware, it's definitely a start. There is no word as to when firmware v1.1.1 will be hacked to the point where alternative networks are available for the iPhone.Source: EnGadget
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6 Comments on IPhone Firmware v1.1.1 Exploits and Hacks Appearing

Which is another reason I don't want my PMP to be a PHONE! Silly iPhone people... Zune2 FTW!
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This is just plain ridiculous.

Some people goto any lengths to get what they want.
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This is just like what happened with the PSP, probly the one behind the the Iphone Custom FW is Dark Alexx :p
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Give them like a week to a month max. They'll eventually get it hacked...again.. The war between anti-hacking and hacking will never end. And that's the interesting part.
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Bird of Prey
I so want to get me a phone just to explore all these hacks. Its a mini pc that you can call with.
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Graphical Hacker
This is quite stupid if you see what is happening... Apples dev team can make the phone better, not hack proof... spend more time on that... more people will buy it.
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