Monday, October 29th 2007

Gamestop Stops Offering Xbox360 Replacement Plan

In most cases, selling extended warranties on products that probably aren't going to die anyways has been an enormous profit-maker for retailers worldwide. However, the Xbox360 has unfortunately done the exact opposite. For whatever reason, the Xbox360 is notorious for failing. And so, to curb the deficit that the Xbox360 is causing Gamestop, Gamestop is no longer offering extended warranties on the Xbox360, instead relying on Microsoft to do that.

Microsoft earlier this year announced plans to re-design the Xbox360, in an effort to reduce alarming failure rates.Source: DailyTech
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3 Comments on Gamestop Stops Offering Xbox360 Replacement Plan

Senior Monkey Moderator
This seems rather hypocritical of Gamestop. After raking in the bucks selling unneeded extended warranties they stop offering them on a product that actually needs one.

"Look at us, we're the good guys, we're here to help cover your butt in case of hardware failure", ... uh ... "Except when we actually have to make good on the warranty."
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I used to work for best buy. Their Replacement plans are the most profitable items in the store. 80% profit after all admin/program costs. Replacement plans are for suckers.... now especially at GaymStop.
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Bird of Prey
Oh nos, I cant make tons of money on something that does or does not break. Stuff like this pisses me off to no end.
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