Thursday, November 22nd 2007

Hynix Semiconductor Receives Intel Validation for 1Gb DDR2 DRAM

Hynix Semiconductor (Hynix) announced it has received the validation from Intel Corporation on its 1Gb DDR2 DRAM with company’s leading edge 50nm-class process technology. The production efficiency of Hynix’s 50nm-class 1Gb DDR2 DRAM products is increased by 50% over its 60nm-class process technology and the lower costs of production are expected accordingly. Hynix adopts new technologies of "three-dimensional transistor" architecture and "W-DPG (Dual Poly Gate)" technology. These technologies significantly minimize leakage to further reduce overall power consumption and increase performance by optimizing its speed. The adoption of technologies will be extended to DDR3 DRAM and the mass production of validated 1Gb DDR2 DRAM as well as DDR3 products will begin in the second half of next year. As the demand for higher capacity memory is expected to grow, Hynix plans to enhance capacity on the 50nm-class products in order to suit needs from the market. Hynix’s 50nm-class DDR2 DRAM processing technology will be also used in producing various applications not only mass storage PC DRAM but also Graphic DRAM, Mobile DRAM.Source: Hynix
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