Tuesday, November 27th 2007

Chaintech Equips APOGEE GT DDR3 Memory Modules With New ''Cool It Smart'' Heatsink

The overclocking memory module specialist, Walton Chaintech, today showed an individual approach of cooling their own APOGEE GT overclocking DDR3 memory modules. Called "Cool It Smart" the heatsink system is claimed to add almost 50 percent of cooling efficiency without using any heat pipe technology. Cool It Smart ships with the deluxe package of APOGEE GT DDR3 1800MHz (CL8-8-8-24) and represents a well-balanced and positioned with 4 screws light-weight aluminum heatsink mounted on top of the memories, and optionally cooled by two fans. In test environment the temperature of APOGEE GT DDR3 1800 memory modules before using the Cool It Smart heatsink was 73°C. After using the heatsink system, the module temperature had dropped to 52°C, which shows an apparent 21 degrees decrease. Additionally, when the optional dual fans were added on top of the heatsink block, the running memory modules’ temperature had reduced to as low as 38°C, very close to the room temperature of 23°C.

Source: VR-Zone
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6 Comments on Chaintech Equips APOGEE GT DDR3 Memory Modules With New ''Cool It Smart'' Heatsink

Funny, if it was 23C in one room and and 38C in another, and I went between the two, I wouldn't call their temperatures "very close." ;)

Still, it's pretty neat, though the heatsink looks like it belongs on my old Slot 1 Pentium II. :p
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Bird of Prey
Pretty awesome drop. I never thought Memory ICs would get so hot.
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Resident Grammar Amender
Can't say I'd use such ugly cooling for my RAM sticks.
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Shame they are ugly

Yes I wouldn't be caught dead with one these hideous monstrosity's on MY motherboard.
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Semi-Retired Folder
And what if I want to use 4 sticks of RAM?
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I have a quiet 20cfm 80mm fan stuck on to my OC'd sticks (used to get super hot) that works just fine - they run very cool now... its held on by mounting tape -and its still not as ugly as this haha...
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