Thursday, November 29th 2007

Nintendo DS Lite Sets U.K. Sales Record

The Nintendo DS Lite has officially earned a place among the United Kingdom's greatest consoles: in one week, it sold more units than any other console in the past. An incredible 191,000 units were sold last week, beating the previous champion, the Sony PlayStation Portable, by 3,000 units (188,000). Mario Party DS may have contributed to the record-breaking sales.Source: Reg Hardware
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5 Comments on Nintendo DS Lite Sets U.K. Sales Record

Mario Party DS:eek::eek::eek:

Is this out in North America yet?

I must Have it now.

Grips the armrests to the point of breaking them:banghead:
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wow that many sales at $125 a pop...they're loaded.:pimp:
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Bird of Prey
Holy Crap, thats alot of DS's
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The Exiled Airman
i guess those who live in the UK are into casual party games, but its like this you seen one mario party you have seen them all. What we need is Hardcore Co-Op Games, aka Arcade Beatemups (Not Fighter title but Street Combat-Ala Streets of Rage or Golden Axe,)
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