Friday, December 7th 2007

Samsung at CES 2008

In an email announcing its CES meeting plans, Samsung Semiconductor has unveiled plans to showcase the world's first 1.3-inch hard drive at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. The drive is being targeted at "mobile consumer devices". Samsung will also show:
  • 1TB RAID Edition hard drives
  • New 320GB mobile hard drives for notebooks
  • TruDirect optical disk-drive tech that eliminates the need for a hard drive when burning disks
  • Touchscreen LCDs
  • HDTV innovations, such as Motion Picture Frame Interpolation and Local Dimming LED technology (which Samsung says will offer contrast ratios 20k to 50k that of high-end CCFL panels lit by bulbs)
Source: Gearlog
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3 Comments on Samsung at CES 2008

320 gigabyte harddrives are old news...:laugh:
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320GB drives only have been around for a month or so. They aren't that old.
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