Thursday, December 13th 2007

Greenpeace Begins Campaign Against Console Manufacturers

Greenpeace, as the name suggests, seeks to make the natural world a better place for everyone. They recently noticed that console manufacturers certainly aren't doing a good job of helping the environment. And so, they started up the "Clash of the Consoles" website, which jests at the environmental unfriendliness of a typical console. The campaign's main purpose is to raise awareness of the toxic chemicals inside the typical console (such as brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)), and entice manufacturers to make better consoles. Please read the source article for a detailed list of the exact problems each console has, and what each manufacturer is doing about the alleged toxicity of each console.Source: DailyTech
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11 Comments on Greenpeace Begins Campaign Against Console Manufacturers

Ben Clarke
Lol... retardants...

But seriously, if it was dangerous, we'd all be dead.
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So... why the news logo is about piracy? :D

The tip of the image is "Pirated Software" :D
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shouldnt greenpeace be arguing against nVidia, Intel, AMD/ATI? There new technology is requiring rediculous amount of energy just to run, they should be worrying more about global warming from these than the small toxic chemical amount in consoles :confused:
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Sold my stars!
my response summed up in 3 letters: WTF
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LoL!!! The only people who would actually buy into this garbage and opt not to buy a video game console because of the environmental impact already lives in a tree. I don't know where greenpeace gets it's fundage, but this seems like a total waste of money. There are bigger fish to fry.
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While i have alot of respect for organisations like greenpeace i think this is completely over the top. Sure the latest generation consoles use alot of juice but so does alot of other products they must be getting bored or something.
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Yes. Go after console manufactures, forget everyone else that produces thousands of tons of waste and/or byproducts every day.
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The Exiled Airman
well instead of going after consoles, why not go after the oil and car industries, force Oil Companies to Implement Alternative Fuel Faster, beyond ethanol, and Make Even the Largest Vehicles Fuel Efficient (Semis, Trains, commercial Planes) Have Major Businesses shut off Uneeded Lighting (1% lighting can remain on in a office building) Turn off every Other Light in a Commercial Parking lot or use a mirror to expand the light further. make Flourescent Lighting More Efficient by reducing amt of heat produced (Yes they get hot as hell) Reuse alot more of the stuff that is made. Use Solar Panes on Office Buildings (Glass Windows). Figure out how to convert Used Motor Oil back into Motor Oil and Gasoline (temporary Fix).
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LoL, they did go after the car companies. A few years back they burned an entire lot of H2's in southern california. Bet that did a lot of good.
I was living in Astoria when Green Peace protested/rapelled off the Astoria-Washington bridge when a Naval ship was supposed to go through. That stopped any respect I had for green peace.
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