Friday, December 14th 2007

More RV635 Pictures Surface

HotHardware already posted some images earlier this month when it revealed that AMD’s upcoming RV635 cards would feature DisplayPort, and now Expreview has managed to find a couple more pictures of the card. It looks quite similar to the current HD 2600, although one major difference is that it doesn’t have a CrossFire connector as it will use software CrossFire instead. This card is expected to retail under the name HD 3650, although no firm release date is available yet.

Source: Expreview
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3 Comments on More RV635 Pictures Surface

That's a terrible heatsink.
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mdm-adph said:
That's a terrible heatsink.
It's the space saving kind ;)
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Yeah, it looks like the just DREW the heatsink on! :laugh:

I read a little bit about this "Software Crossfire" and hybrid stuff. It sounds pretty sweet.
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