Friday, January 18th 2008

Intel Aiming to Almost Double Notebook CPU Shipments by 2011

Intel plans to agrresively expand its shipments of notebook CPUs aiming to almost double its total of 2007 within the next few years, according to DigiTimes. Since Intel launched its Centrino platform in 2003, shipments have grown from 38 million notebook CPUs in the first year to 79 million in 2006. In 2007, shipments surpassed 100 million units, and in 2008, with the help of the Montevina platform, the company expects shipments to reach 123 million units. Over the next few years shipments are forecast to continue growing to hit 145 million, 169 million and 195 million units in 2009 to 2011, respectively. In 2008, Intel will also start supporting the WiMAX wireless technology in its Montivina platform, by launching several networking products: a Wi-Fi/WiMAX mixed wireless module 5350/5150 (3x3 AGN MC) codenamed Echo Peak, a Wi-Fi only module 5300/5100 (3x3 AGN MC/HMC) codenamed Shirley Peak, 82567LF Gigabit LAN codenamed Boazman and 82567LM Gigabit LAN for digital office applications. In addition, Montivina will adopt 2GB and 4GB versions of Intel's Turbo Memory technology.Source: DigiTimes
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