Friday, February 1st 2008

Nokia Pledges to Halve Power Consumption of Device Chargers

Nokia promised a little while ago to "go green", and today it seems they are living up to their promise. Nokia recently announced plans to halve the power consumption of battery chargers to their various devices, including cell phones and PDAs. Since you obviously don't get something for nothing, the secret behind this decrease in power consumption lies in increasing the power efficiency of the original units. Nokia has already done quite a few things to help with the eco-friendly movement, including make several handsets out of recycled materials. They've also devised AC adapters that are 94% more efficient than EPA standards require.Source: Reg Hardware
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Señor Moderator
Living up to the promise would be actually released the product, not to announce plans.
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~Technological Technocrat~
meh - I jumped ship off the nokia wagon a loooonnnnnng time ago - their pretty simple & easy to use I cant fault that but they've got a long history of rather shit products or just shit products with shit battery life or vice versa. they've got some pretty good designs & ideas in mind but haven't got the intelligence to put the product through vigorous testing & by vigorous i mean not super gluing a phone over each ear & going "hello? cancer re-search?" (something which my friend use to do obviously minus the glue part)

one of the many problems with nokia is i dont think they actually listen to what the consumers want but then again who does? I mean I have been s Sony Ericson man since the W800i days & even if they didnt listen they have phones gear'd towards most consumer markets.

K -series for people who love taking pictures
W - series for people who love music

& obvious a plethora of Smart phones.

not trying to start a flame war. these are merely just my own opinions.


I use to love nokia phones
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