Friday, February 1st 2008

New PlayStation3 Could Arrive Autumn 2008

Some interesting tidbits trickled their way back from CES 2008: Sony may be planning a new PlayStation3. This particular version of the PlayStation3 would be lighter, thinner, and prettier. This move comes as no surprise, when looking at Sony's past. The original PlayStation ended up as a very tiny PSOne. The PlayStation2 was once as large as the original PlayStation, and now is even smaller than the PSOne. The PSP underwent a similar transformation over the summer.

If this rumor is true, chances are we'll find the 160GB hard drive inside the slimmer PlayStation3.Source: T3
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Awesome! A Sony PS3 FTW. Since we're speculating, I hope this new version will have:

- a 65nm CPU (they've just shrunk it to 65nm, I doubt they're going to switch to a smaller process this year)
- a 65nm GPU (they haven't shrunk the GPU yet, and it's about time for a die shrink - this will probably bring total PS3 power consumption under 100 watts)
- 120/160 GB hard disk, or...gasp! A screaming fast 8/16 GB SSD!
- DualShock 3
- A Blu-Ray movie or a game bundle included.

And hopefully a sweet $300 pricetag for the most basic model. If they pull off something like this, their sales will quadruple, guaranteed. :cool:
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Ravenas said:
I have no reason to be pissed about a PS3 with the same technology, just slimmer (and probably with a 45nm processor). As far as one coming out with a bigger HD, I could just buy a 2.5" sata HD and put it right in my PS3.
I got still 20gb free and I dont know is it ever going to be full one day but its not hard to buy and attach a 250gb 2"5 sata disc.
slim or fat both ps3 are strong and beatiful :)
but some PAL devices has seriously bluray laser problem. but if itshappen son will give you new one so nevermind keep playin!
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Ravenas said:
To my knowledge, the only not so good port that has ever been put on the PS3 is the Orange Box. This was mainly due to to EA's deadlines and Gabe not knowing how to program for the PS3, and thus handing it off to another developer. The only framerate problems in the game (which have been over exaggerated) are when you go into a small room with water running on Half Life 2. At that point you will notice a drop of 5 frames to 10 frames. Nothing that totally messes up your gaming experience though.

Every game I've played thus far has been awesome. COD4...great port. Have you played Uncharted? Resistance? Warhawk? Heavenly Sword? If not I suggest you do, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with the PS3's present game selection, nor the future PS3 game selection.

Madden 08 suffers from 30 FPS whereas 360 has 60, some games lack features that other versions have. In Burnout on the 360, you can put your own music and have it played throughout the game, many other games suffer from framerate issues, NHL 08. I'm not bashing the PS3, I know its a powerful console, the cause is lazy programmers who are not yet familiar with the PS3.
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The great thing about Burnout is that it was made by ps3 developers. So the graphics and framerates are better on the ps3 than the 360. Also in game music is to come with the in game XMB...which is to come soon.
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