Friday, February 8th 2008

Steam Client Beta Available

A Steam client beta is now available. To access it, go to File -> Settings and on the Account tab choose "Steam Client Candidate" in the Beta participation section. The specific changes include:
  • Fixed downloads becoming paused
  • Improved download speeds
  • Decreased application launch time
  • Fixed URL links in chats to not include trailing punctuation as part of the link
  • Changed group event notifications to open at most 8 dialogs
Source: SteamPowered Forum
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5 Comments on Steam Client Beta Available

Just updated steam, man what an update....

I'm downloading Bioshock demo just to test it and from previous download speeds of like max 600, I am now downloading at 2MBPS!!!:rockout:

Really nice.

Gonna run a game see if it starts faster...
I also always wondered why downloads would pause when I would play a game to pass time by, now it doesn't!
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ehh..just updated my steam client, i see no differrence, maybe its just my slow dsl connection
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FINALLY! Decreased application launch time :D
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anytime steam does something i get scared
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Ben Clarke
It's waaaaaaaaaay faster now. Downloading and launching :)
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