Thursday, February 21st 2008

Havok Offers Core Physics Free for PC Game Developers

Havok, the premier provider of interactive software and services to digital creators in the games and movie industries, today announced that the company will offer the PC version of its award-winning physics and animation software product – Havok Complete – for download free of charge. Available for non-commercial use, Havok Complete for the PC will be freely downloadable in May 2008.

Havok’s core platform, Havok Complete combines the industry-leading Havok Physics engine and Havok Animation, the company’s premier character animation solution. Havok Complete is already the most popular solution in the cross-platform AAA games market, featuring technology used in over 200 games. By making Havok Complete for the PC freely downloadable, Havok will further build on its leading position by completely removing the barriers to entry for the large number of independent developers, academic institutions and enthusiasts in the PC space.

“Havok has an excellent revenue base generated by sales of our three products across multiple platforms and into multiple industries,” said David O’Meara, Managing Director at Havok. “This enables us to make an industry-changing move and opens up a much broader market for products such as Havok Behavior – and our new products Havok Cloth and Havok Destruction – that really come alive when adopted on top of our core platform, Havok Complete.”
Havok has entered into an agreement with Intel, Havok’s parent company, under which approved game developers on the PC platform can execute a commercial distribution license with Havok for free.

“Intel is very pleased to be sponsoring this direction in the PC market. This aligns well with our ongoing strategy of putting the best software tools in the hands of PC games developers,” said Renee J. James, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Software and Solutions Group, Intel Corporation.

With the free PC download of Havok Complete, Havok enables broad non-commercial development use for artists and engineers around the world, which Havok believes will boost creative game development throughout the industry.

“This is fantastic news for commercial PC game developers as well as the independent game development community, who will really benefit from this move,” said Mark DeLoura, creator of the Game Programming Gems series. “It’s great to see a leading middleware company like Havok show such support for PC game developers by making its physics and animation system freely available.”
Havok’s overall focus remains cross-platform and Havok will continue commercial licensing of Havok Complete for other platforms and in other industries such as movies and serious gaming. This initiative does not apply to license fees that may be payable to Havok for console versions of Havok Complete or to applications developed for other purposes such as game engines for redistribution, other middleware, movies, training, military or industrial simulation.

Havok’s physics software is featured in over 200 AAA games available on stores shelves today. With well over 90 games currently in development to be released this year, use of Havok’s ubiquitous software is up 100% over last year at the same time. Best-selling titles featuring Havok physics include: Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed, Guitar Hero III, BioShock, World in Conflict, Half Life 2: The Orange Box, and Heavenly Sword. Havok’s software will also be featured in the highly-anticipated upcoming games Alan Wake, Indiana Jones, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Starcraft II.

With a broad and deep range of tech partners including AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft as well as a host of world-class publishers and developers, Havok is well known industry-wide for its excellent customer service.

In addition to the PC software download, Havok also unveiled two new software products, Havok Cloth and Havok Destruction at this year’s Game Developers Conference. Havok Cloth and Destruction provide artists with dramatically increased control over interactive cloth and destructible objects within games. The company also announced several new features and enhancements across its award winning modular suite of run-time technology and artist tools.Source: Havok
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8 Comments on Havok Offers Core Physics Free for PC Game Developers

*sits awaiting nvidia to do the same.....
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marsey99 said:
*sits awaiting nvidia to do the same.....
i thought physx sdk was already free before nvidia bought it, or was that just a limited time thing?
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Editor & Senior Moderator
See what an impact competition can have :laugh:
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What are they trying to do with this strategic move? Influence people to become oriented with their software so that they can become engineers or something haha.
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Haha Nvidia bought PhysicX now intel starts to fight Nvidia with Havoc! :D
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happita said:
What are they trying to do with this strategic move? Influence people to become oriented with their software so that they can become engineers or something haha.
They probably want to push it out there, making it more available, so that becomes the standard vs. Nvidia's offerings for physics. As I understand it the difference should be Nv's offering (PhysX?) will have the GPU do the calculations - Havok / Intel's will rely on the CPU to do the calculations. So depending on which system is used more in games one company or the other will have another selling point to their product.
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marsey99 said:
*sits awaiting nvidia to do the same.....
PhysX SDK has always been free.

But Havok Complete includes animation support, not just physics. One more thing I've never wanted to code is being handed to me by professionals! Now I can just focus on making really pretty shaders :).

As more and more processes get moved to GPUs, these amazing CPUsthat have been coming out are kind of getting wasted. I think we should leave physics on the CPU for now.
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