Sunday, March 2nd 2008

Kingston Achieves Unprecedented DDR3 Memory Speeds

Memory manufacturer Kingston has managed to achieve unprecedented memory speeds using overclocked HyperX DDR3 modules combined with NVIDIA’s next-generation core-logic. The company managed to take its memory from stock speeds of 2.0GHz to 2.13GHz (a 6.5% overclock) using NVIDIA’s nForce 790i chipset without any special cooling systems, although no details of voltages or latencies were disclosed. Up until now, the fastest DDR3 memory has only been capable of running at 2GHz – a figure which Kingston, A-Data, Walton Chaintech and Corsair have all managed to reach. The modules used, which were the so-far unannounced Kingston HyperX PC3-16000 (KHX16000D2K2/2G) modules, will be available during the first quarter of this year – so presumably within the next month.Source: X-bit Labs
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4 Comments on Kingston Achieves Unprecedented DDR3 Memory Speeds

Bird of Prey
Holy crap that is unbelievable speeds. Also worth mentioning, you get those memory sticks running with a phenom at the same speed (or slightly higher or slower) and your system should really flippin fly!!
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Now if only they didn't cost more than my entire system to buy...
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Good news here. 2130 mhz is flippin fast! sure be nice with a phenom, as WarEagleAU stated.
Now all we have to do is sit tight and wait for the price AND timings to come down to the 2-digit range! :laugh:
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