Wednesday, March 12th 2008

Blastflow Launches Water Cooling for Skulltrail

Blastflow, a subsidiary of British boutique PC manufacturer Vadim Computers, just announced its latest product, the Blastflow Tidal Skulltrail SB Block: If you are worried about the heat produced by your sparkling new Skulltrail PC system, this copper cooler for the Southbridge and SLI bridges might be the solution. The new Tidal Skulltrail SB Block is manufactured using a combination of polished copper and transparent acrylic top, which provides enough cooling power for the two NVIDIA nForce 100 chips and the single ESB2 Southbridge. The watercooler weighs about 314 grams and uses standard 1/4" bsp thread connections. Pricing of the Tidal Skulltrail SB Block has not been announced.

Source: TG Daily
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2 Comments on Blastflow Launches Water Cooling for Skulltrail

prohibitive boards are prohibitively priced
that said, this is probably a must if you can afford it
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i was so disappointed with the performance of the system with skull trail
it was absolutely similar to the regular system... what were they thinking?!
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