Wednesday, April 16th 2008

Micron Continues to Release Low-Voltage DDR3 and Higher-Density DDR2 Parts

It is estimated that memory consumes approximately 15% of power in data center server systems today, a figure which is expected to rise with the increased memory requirements needed for virtualization and multi-core data processors. Addressing this power challenge, Micron Technology is expanding its energy-efficient Aspen Memory module portfolio with the addition of 1Gb-based DDR3 modules operating at 1.35-volts as well as 2Gb-based DDR2 modules operating at 1.5-volts; providing the server industry with the lowest voltage DDR2 and DDR3 memory designs for reduced power consumption.

“The trend in energy-efficient technology is especially important for data centers because they are always running – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Until recently, IT and data center managers primarily looked at ways to reduce power consumption with energy efficient processors and power supplies, but they hadn’t looked at the additional savings they can achieve with low-voltage memory,” said Brian Shirley, vice president of Micron’s Memory Group. “Given the positive customer reaction we received from the Aspen Memory modules we introduced last year, we look forward to continuing our leadership in energy-efficient memory by providing our customers with the industry’s first low-voltage DDR3 as well as the highest-density, lowest-voltage DDR2 modules.”

Standard next-generation DDR3 memory technology operates at 1.5-volts, where standard DDR2 memory operates at 1.8-volts. With Micron’s newly expanded Aspen Memory family of energy-efficient memory modules, server manufacturers are given the option to choose the best memory solution that meets their design requirements, whether they are interested in using low-voltage mainstream DDR2 memory or next-generation DDR3 memory. Micron’s 1.35-volt DDR3 Aspen Memory server modules will be available in densities up to 4GBs using 1Gb chips and use 21 percent less power in comparison to standard 1.5-volt, 1Gb-based DDR3 memory modules. Additionally, Micron’s new 2Gb-based 8GB 1.5-volt DDR2 memory modules achieve a 58 percent power reduction over standard 1Gb-based 8GB 1.8-volt DDR2 memory modules, benefiting both from the reduced voltage as well as the reduction in overhead power from the use of higher density components.

Product Availability
Micron is now taking orders for samples of its low-voltage DDR3 server memory modules and is currently sampling its 2Gb-based DDR2 server memory modules. Mass production for Micron’s low-voltage DDR3 memory modules is expected in Q4 2008 and its 2Gb-based 1.5-volt DDR2 memory modules is expected to be in mass production in Q3 2008.
Micron’s 1Gb-based 1.5-volt DDR2 Aspen Memory modules are currently designed into production data center server systems.Source: Micron
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