Friday, July 11th 2008

R700: Several Product Details Exposed

The Taiwanese team of Tom's Hardware revealed several confidential (no more) slides pertaining to the AMD R700 product line, exposing details of the product codenamed "Spartan". It's now confirmed that it comes with a total of 2 GB of GDDR5 memory spanning across sixteen 1 Gb chips.

The picture is that of the HD4870 X2 itself in an angle never pictured before:

The first slide shows certain details about the R700 "Spartan", the GPU core speed isn't disclosed yet. Crucial bits: 32Mx32 GDDR5, driver version 8.52 or later, deviceID: 0x9441.
The second one reveals the card's video-related features. It is supportive of DisplayPort, AIBs may choose to add it in their non-reference designs.

Here's the slide which shows it has 2x the performance/watt compared to 'previous generation', R680:

Some more product details, a bit on its anti-aliasing features:

A concise list of features:

And finally, system-requirements. They recommend at least a 650W PSU. A power-user wouldn't take it literally, they are just making sure that even the worst-quality PSU out there with wonderful wattage printed on the stickers could be able to run it. A good quality PSU with anywhere between 35~40A on the +12V should be able to handle a single card with a 95W CPU and two HDDs in place:

Source: Tom's Hardware
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newconroer said:

What will this offer you that's worth that much, that justifies paying it, but not for an Nvidia product at that money?

I'm really curious to know what YOU believe it will offer, that would be NECESSARY ?
umm, better performance than a card selling for more than £500???
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