Friday, July 11th 2008

Activision-Blizzard planning a Music Store

The 'newly-wed' Activision-Blizzard is reportedly planning a music store and content delivery service to directly compete with Apple's iTunes service. For now nothing is even close to concrete, Activision-Blizzard is considering launching its own download store on its Guitar Hero game platform for now. Says CEO Robert Kotick: “When you think about the potential for what we will be able to do together, there have not been many viable alternatives to iTunes.” in an interview to Reuters. He adds: “If you're downloading a song to play on your 'Guitar Hero,' there's no reason why you can't download the performance also. So there's all kinds of things you can think about.”

Vivindi currently owns the World's largest music publication company, Universal Music. This could serve as a content source for this delivery platform.Source: Reuters
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7 Comments on Activision-Blizzard planning a Music Store

i wonder if my favorite wow music video will be offered

The internet is for porn :D
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~Technological Technocrat~
candle_86 said:
i wonder if my favorite wow music video will be offered

The internet is for porn :D
Just grab your dick & double click for porn porn porn :D
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y'know . . . every once in a while another "Titanic" comes along . . . an idea so grandeur that and teh awsume that it can't go wrong . . . and inevitably . . . it tanks
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they should make a guitar for guitar hero that has lasers for strings, so you actually have to have your hand in the right position, like a REAL guitar... instead of just mashing 4 buttons like some sort of glorified dance dance revolution game.... whatever... some people like it i guess... but you might as well just have a game controller in your hand and mash buttons on that.

activision.... just comes along and ruins blizzard.... i guess its like that guy mentioned before--all the people that made the good games for blizzard are long gone anyways, it's not that hard to notice.
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Hmmm it will have to be mightily good to compete with itunes as the store and the software is just so easy to use and the music of reaosonable quality.
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Holy shiv! Vivendi is a HUGE company!
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