Friday, September 5th 2008

Next Gen. Atom in Q3 2009, Incorporates GPU, IMC : Roadmap Slide

A portion of a company slide from Intel shows that in the third quarter of 2009, Intel could release a successor to current Silverthrone Atom chips. The successor to the Silverthrone architecture, code-named "Lincroft", would feature significant architectural enhancements that help Intel in its efforts to propagate x86 to a broader range of consumer electronics products.

To begin with, the core based on Lincroft architecture, code-named "Pineview" comes in single core and dual-core flavours. Both support Intel HyperThreading technology, each core can handle two processing threads simultaneously. As of now it's unclear if the dual-core variant offers a level of integration higher than what Silverthrone dual-core chips offer (2 dies, 1 package). Some of the highlights of Pineview core is that the chip incorporates a integrated graphics controller and an integrated memory controller. These serve the vital purpose of eradicating a northbridge, reducing the board footprint of the platform. Some variants of i945 northbridge received criticism from industry observers owing to its high power draw and thermal output that marred the purpose of a low-power CPU. Therefore the elimination of northbridge would mean only an ICH outside the CPU.

Source: DailyTech
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so if these chips begin to take over the functions the northbridge chips normally take care of, can we expect them to run hotter? Wouldn't separating tasks into two different chips help to dissipate the heat?
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where the hell are my stars
not to mention pull more wattage? but would it be less than the wattage of the multiple chips combined?
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Bird of Prey
Seems as though the negative remarks Intel gave AMD (or was it Nvidia?? probably Nvidia, so I apologize to Intel) about the fusion chips is now making its head known?

I would think it wouldnt add necessarily too much more to heat or power draw. It may simplify it and lessen both.
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It will just become like AMD's. Whoopdeedoo. You're a little late to the party Intel.
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Yep, AMD has already started down that path with the Bobcat-based chips; integrated memory controllers, low wattage, AM64 architecture, and Fusion would allow a built-in graphics system (which would probably be better than anything Intel can come up with).
It should be an interesting design, though.
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