Wednesday, September 24th 2008

Windows 7 Will Not Include Email, Photo and Movie Programs

Talking to CNET, Microsoft has confirmed it will not be including any built-in programs for Email, Photo Editing and Movie Making. Instead the Windows Live Suite (found here) will be available to download if consumers still wish to use the relevant Microsoft Products.
Windows Live general manager Brian Hall said Microsoft made the decision to remove the tools from Windows for several reasons, including a desire to issue new operating system releases more quickly than it has in the past. The move also removes the confusion of offering and supporting two different programs that perform essentially similar functions.

"It makes it much cleaner," Hall said.

Lastly, he said, making the Windows Live tools completely separate from the operating system paves the way for Microsoft to work selectively with specific partners.

"We can do things with specific partners to enable really great experiences that might be hard in Windows," Hall said.

Antitrust rules make it hard for Microsoft to tie operating system features to specific services.
Source: CNET
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Wile E
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theJesus said:
WMA is fail because it's proprietary, just like AAC and ALAC. And I don't think anything really rips directly to any format other than WAV, it just rips and converts seamlessly. MP3-vbr-v0 is just fine and supported by basically everything. FLAC is the best lossless codec. EAC is one of, if not the best rippers out there because you can configure pretty much every single thing that you didn't even know made a difference in order to tailor to your specific drive so you get perfect rips every time. And Lame is the best MP3 encoder (i'm not sure exactly what WMP uses to encode MP3's, but it might actually be Lame). I'm too lazy to explain why I've made the claims I have, since there's plenty of support readily (and easily) available via google.:rolleyes:
EAC correction factors are completely overkill and needless. You'll never tell the difference between an EAC corrected rip and an uncorrected rip, unless there are read errors on the uncorrected rip caused by a conflict of some sort (I have only seen that happen once, ever)
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