Thursday, November 6th 2008

Left 4 Dead Early Demo Access Available Today

Early access to the Left 4 Dead demo begins Today, November 6 on both the PC and Xbox 360. The early demo access is scheduled to begin around 2 am PST on the Xbox 360 and 7 am PST on the PC. This promotion is being offered in addition to the 10% savings for those who pre-order and applies to all Steam PC pre-orders and all PC and Xbox 360 pre-orders from GameStop and EB Games in North America.

On November 11 the demo will be made available to all PC and Xbox 360 gamers worldwide, with no obligation to purchase. The demo concludes on November 18, when Left 4 Dead will be made available at retail outlets across North America and worldwide via Steam.
For more information, please visit Steam Games.
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6 Comments on Left 4 Dead Early Demo Access Available Today

Cant wait for the regular demo release. I know a lot of people who are waiting to see if the demos good, before buying.
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Been hyped about this game for a while, can't wait for it to come out.
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I'm the only one
Already preloaded the demo,3pm gmt i cant wait :D
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WTF! I go to install it but it does not instal? it just refreshes the steam page and installs nothing??? any one have this/know how to fix it?
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