Thursday, November 20th 2008

Spire Introduces New Core i7 Compatible Coolers

Spire Cooling is thrilled to inform you about their soon to market new TherMax cooling solutions. The SP676S1 TherMax and SP679S1 TherMax II cpu coolers are ready to cool all processors built on the new Intel 1366 Core i7 platform in combination with the Intel LGA775 and AMD AM2 platforms giving the consumers huge scope to use these coolers. Another welcome feature to build a completely silent system are the Anti-vibe rubber fan corners, these will absorb any vibration from the fan motor. The two models look similar but the specs in sizes of the fan and the materials used say it all:
Main Features:
SP676S1 TherMax
  • Three 8mm all copper U-shaped heat-pipes
  • All new direct-touch heat-pipe technology
  • UV-reactant 90mm BlueStar fan design
  • Amazingly silent high performance
  • 45 stamped Aluminum Micro-Fin’s
SP679S1 TherMax II
  • Four 8mm all copper U-shaped heat-pipes
  • UV reactant 120mm BlueStar fan design
  • All new direct-touch heat-pipe technology
  • Amazingly silent high performance
  • 55 stamped Aluminum Micro-Fin’s
Package includes:
TherMax heat-sink, BlueStar DC Fan, 4 Anti-Vibe pads, BlueFrost thermal interface compound, Universal Mounting set. PCI Fan speed control, User Manual, Warranty registration card.

The TherMax CPU Coolers are both compatible with the latest Intel and AMD Micro-processors based on sockets 775/1366 for Intel and AM2/940/939 for AMD.

The TherMax coolers are available mid November from our factory in China, American and European distribution will follow early December.
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3 Comments on Spire Introduces New Core i7 Compatible Coolers

At the moment, I doubt these cooler are in the kickass range like my cooler so that's why I'm gonna wait for a bit until I upgrade to i7.
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You're waiting to upgrade to Core i7 because you don't want to part with your current cooler!?! You're kidding right? Or are you using one of those l33t phase-change extreme cooling systems? Many good coolers made from major companies will have an adaptor kit. Admittedly, I can't find the Thermalright LGA1366 Bolt-Thru-Kit for my HR-01 in stock anywhere but that's not going to stop me.
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They look very similar to the Freezer 7 pro.
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