Saturday, November 22nd 2008

SilverStone Announces the Raven RV01 Chassis, Expect it Next Month

Taiwan's SilverStone Technology has today announced that its big-tower Raven RV01 chassis will be available starting next month at a suggested retail price of €159 + VAT. The case has existed for a fairly long time, but until now it has been a protype. We have covered the design ideas inside the Raven here, but it's worth mentioning some of them again. One thing is for sure, when you first look inside the case you won't see anything familiar. The case is split into different compartments, and the motherboard is angled 90 degrees pointing upwards instead of out the back. This way the chassis which measures 280mm x 616mm x 660mm and weighs 15kg, will push air in parallel from bottom to top. Silverstone engineers also state that the case is suited for quiet operating PCs. In addition, the high-end chassis features a built-in cable management system, five push-button 5.25-inch drive bays, six removable 3.5-inch drive bays, easy-access top-mounted I/O ports, and pre-drilled holes for water-cooling. Click here to find more pics.

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17 Comments on SilverStone Announces the Raven RV01 Chassis, Expect it Next Month

that's a sweet looking front panel, kind of reminds me of the train in Goldeneye lol
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So the wires will have to be bent 90% to run along the top and then down to the panel?

Don't like that idea, apart from that looks nice
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That is very nice. I bet it will be expensive.
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How do the HDs get fresh air?
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I don't know if I like the designs on the new SilverStone cases anymore :ohwell:
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MRCL said:
How do the HDs get fresh air?
Im wondering the same thing..
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Plastic and steel...not what I like from Silverstone.
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Man, I'd love this if it used the normal layout. I don't want everything sideways and the case just looks so good.
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Looks like a transformer toy for kids to me.

Oh well, eye of the beholder and all that,....

Air probably gets to the HDD through a side fan (not shown) or perhaps a front mounted fan,...? Maybe from the bottom?

Cable management on the top of the case wont be easy, or pretty,...
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CyberDruid said:
Plastic and steel...not what I like from Silverstone.
i agree, i have the TJ09 and it looks like mine is better quality, im actually looking for a replacement for it but this one doesnt cut it. Pretty oddball design, looks like a warped TJ07. But i like the fact that it weights only 15 kilos, for its size its pretty good. And with the price tag of around $200 it could be a good deal for those who like it.
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Bird of Prey
IF I didnt just get me a Cooler Master HAF 932 from Mwave (162.00 shipped!!!!) Id save up to get this case. I love the awkwardness of it and I bet it will perform wonderfully. Cant way to see what DS says about it if he gets to review it.
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i think the HDD gets air from one of the two 180mm fans at the bottom.

Now im wondering though, i saw the tube holes n im assuming dats on top, but where r we to place the rads at?
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It doesn't look like a Silverstone case at all. Its very different and I don't like all the plastic.
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To infinity ... and beyond!
interesting.. i like it
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This case is a revolution in cooling, well i found my next case !

Looks aggressive and high tech.
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I really don't like this case at all from the looks of it, but I'm really interested to see how functional it is in a review. You never know, maybe there's actually some logic behind the design :laugh:
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