Monday, November 24th 2008

Two Phenom II X4 Models Slated for January

AMD has reportedly slated two models of its Phenom II series processors for January, 2009. According to Greek website, the company will be launching two high-end processors from the Phenom II X4 series, on the 9th of January. Details of these processors available at this point in time are:
  • AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition (HDZ940XCGIBOX), 3.00 GHz, Socket AM2+, 8 MB cache (2 MB total L2 + 6 MB L3), 125W TDP.
  • AMD Phenom II X4 920 (HDX920XCGIBOX), 2.80 GHz, Socket AM2+, 8 MB cache (2 MB total L2 + 6 MB L3), 125W TDP.
There is no word on the prices, at this point, though they are expected to be "much lower" than those of the Intel Core i7.Source:
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Looks like I'll be picking myself up a 940BE :D I can't wait.
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Urbklr said:
If they overclock well on air, and perform similar to a Core2 or close to an I7, I will row back over to AMD:D
How you going to row around Niagara Falls :eek: to get to the Fab in Deutschland??
:confused: Canoes and rowboats aren't allowed through the locks that circumvent the falls. :rolleyes:

Anyway, the X3 Propus-Crocus appearing near the time time just prior to Spring 2009 will be able to be used on an AM2+ mobo if I understood everything I read, and that I understood is obviously questionable since I am asking the question again.

According to this post:

"Originally Posted by btarunr
An AM3 chip will run on an AM2+ motherboard, the other way around looks impossible (expecting a current AM2+ chip to run on an AM3 motherboard.) The seggregation is not merely on the basis of socket and related memory support, it also involes a lot of electrical characteristics. Note how AMD is going to be giving disparity in the TDPs of equally clocked Phenom II AM2+ and AM3 variants.",

the Propus for Am3 socket will work in AM2+.

Any news on the x3 8850 that is supposed to have been launched but hasn't appeared in any Sores. Are they going to be released in De. 2008.

Thanx for any info., and have a good day/night, Chris

PS: I am putting together another CHEAP system, The Red Green Show 2 :pimp:, that might not be that CHEAP this time, depending on the mobo and CPU, but the RAM will be DDR2 1066/8500 since it is fairly CHEAP now, and since I mentioned RAM DIMMs will Vista32 recognize and used 4GB or more of RAM, or will only 64-bit OSes do that??? Thanx, again.
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Christof just 64 bit os that i am aware of.

Sunil thanks for that chart,went by the old way of naming their parts.:shadedshu bad me :nutkick:
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hmm, I wonder how the 940 would stack up to my qx. Current setups lasted me longer than I thought it would (partially due to a flop of an i7 attempt), dont see any reason why not to wait for 945 and performance results.
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where the hell are my stars
erocker said:
Or he'll talk about change, then move to a more centrist stance and use a E8400 with a HD4850, and a Nvidia card for PPU. Of course all of the parts in his system will only be manufactured in the USA.
machspeed (US manuf version of jetway) mobo, no idea who makes graphics card in USA
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That price in AUD Australian dollar so in USD the price X920 $303 & X940 $343
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can we call this dragon or we not see the dragon yet
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sunil said:
That price in AUD Australian dollar so in USD the price X920 $303 & X940 $343
I call fake. :p
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