Tuesday, November 25th 2008

ASUS Launches P6T6 Revolution Workstation Motherboard

The ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution is the ideal foundation for a powerful workstation for Small Office usage, SOHOs and mainstream workstation users; with its unparalleled performance. Through ASUS’ revolutionary and innovative design, the P6T6 WS Revolution is able to support three true x16 link PCI-E slots for NVIDIA's 2-way & 3-way SLI and ATi CrossFireX technologies to deliver extreme graphical processing performance. Furthermore, it is also equipped with 6 PCI-E Gen2 x16 slots onboard to provide users with high speed I/O and flexible graphic and computing options.

The P6T6 WS Revolution comes equipped with built-in 3-way SLI/CrossFireX on Demand technology for outstanding graphical performance. This revolutionary technology allows users to enjoy 2-way / 3-way SLI technology or CrossFireX support on the same motherboard. This means that users will be able to install up to three 3-Way SLI-capable graphics cards and retain the flexibility to run a CrossFireX setup. Whichever option they choose, users are guaranteed mind-boggling graphics performance for improved work efficiency. It can also support true @16 PCI-E Gen2 3-Way SLI technology, which will present the fastest and the most reliable graphic performance to users whether they are engaged in Mechanical/ Architecture/ Interior/ Aircraft/ Audio/Video Design or playing games in their leisure time.
Multitude of Storage Options with Cutting-edge SAS
The P6T6 WS Revolution provides users with onboard SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) ports that supports hard drive upgrade flexibility; and retains full compatibility with the ASUS optional SASsaby card. Faster, safer and more stable, SAS hard disks will provide higher data transmission speeds and better data storage reliability in comparison to current SATA interfaces; and will provide users with a better choice for storage expansion and upgrade needs.

Industry-leading Power Design
The breakthrough 16+2 power design (16-phase to vCore; 2-phase to vDRAM/QPI controller inside CPU) technology is able to: achieve high power efficiency; effectively dispel heat generated by the VRM module, and lower temperatures better in comparison to other VRM solutions. With high quality power components such as: low RDS (on) MOSFETs, Ferrite core chokes with lower hysteresis loss, and 100% Japan-made high quality conductive polymer capacitors, the ASUS 16+2 phase VRM design also ensures longer component life, minimum power loss, and helps to reach higher overclocking scores than ever before.

Enjoy Working with WS Diag. LED and the "ASUS Heartbeat"
Working with the ASUS workstation can now be enjoyable and interesting. During bootup, the Diag. LED will check key components (CPU, DRAM, VGA card and HDD) sequentially; and if an error is found, the LED next to the error device will remain lit until the problem is solved. Once it has successfully booted up, the LEDs around the ASUS brand name on the motherboard will glow brightly and vividly with a deep-blue light according to a regular tempo—much like the steady rhythm of deep breaths—making the workstation board seem like it is "coming to life".

Surfing the Internet within 5 Seconds* via Express Gate
This additional built-in Operating System makes a host of commonly used applications available to users in just 5 seconds from bootup; including the web browser, instant messenger, Skype, photo manager, music player and online games. With this convenient, instant access to the Internet, users can now send a last-minute email before rushing off to work, browse the Web in between appointments and reach friends and family via the instant messenger all in the blink of an eye.
* Actual boot time is subject to hardware configurations and product models

Practical Features for Efficient Work Solutions
The P6T6 WS Revolution also comes with an additional G.P. Diagnosis card. This useful tool helps provide quick and precise system checks, and displays errors on the LED display—helping users to pinpoint errors quickly. Connected on the TPM header, the G.P. Diagnosis card also provides great convenience by being near the onboard reset and power buttons for easy troubleshooting.

Source: ASUS
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13 Comments on ASUS Launches P6T6 Revolution Workstation Motherboard

Wow that is a lot of PCIe slots. Imagine getting Quadfire and SLI Physics to run on this board :laugh:

Nice looking board though.

Lol at the ASUS heartbeat feature.
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like the blue color on it
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DOM said:
like the blue color on it
agree. The color :toast:
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Senior Moderator
This would be my favorite X58 board so far. It breathes!!:eek:
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DOM said:
like the blue color on it
Yeah, love the blue. But's probably going to take a lot of GREEN go purchase one.
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I think most of their Workstation boards have the heartbeat. My P5E64 WS Evolution has one too. And yes it costs alot :/

The one thing I like about this is that its got SAS onboard. I have two SAS hard drives and had to purchase a controller card for it since my WS Evolution doesn't support it.
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heartbeat.. lol :laugh:

.... making the workstation board seem like it is coming to life. (said with a classic movie trailer voice).

That is hilarious
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Bird of Prey
Love the Blue (it is my favorite color after all) and the heart beat. I like the new tech that Core I7 is bringing with it.
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
my rampage 2 extreme is now for sale.

where can i get the p6t6?
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fitseries3 said:
my rampage 2 extreme is now for sale.

where can i get the p6t6?
Probably the same place you got the rampage 2 extreme.
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PCIe layout

Can anyone explain the board PCIe layout?

Is it nVIDIA (PCIe x16/8, PCIe x8, PCIe x16/8, PCIe x8), PCIe x16, PCIe x4 or PCIe x16, nVIDIA (PCIe x8, PCIe x16/8, PCIe x8,PCIe x16/8), PCIe x4?

In the first case would be great for super workstation, in the second - for stockbrokers only (24 monitors from standard box - KOOL!)

Super workstation: special box, 2 x ATI FirePro V8750 (or a couple of Radeon HD 4870 X2 - if do not need stereo and super advanced color - faster and cheaper) in nVIDIA x16 slots, x16 to 4 x8 switch/riser (by a "shoe-strings"), RAID card for 16 Intel X25-E in RAID 10, FireStream 9250 (or third HD 4870 X2) accelerator and 10GB LAN card.

! If non nVIDIA is the first slot - no Super workstation - too long ribbon would not work! - stock exchange use only - gamers will be happy with cheaper 2 x Radeon HD 4870 X2 solutions.
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