Tuesday, January 6th 2009

HP Unveils First AMD Neo-based Notebook

In a surprise move, HP announced the industry's first notebook based on AMD's upcoming Neo series processor. This is the first product to be based on the AMD Yukon mobile platform. It features an AMD Neo processor clocked at 1.60, which is a single-core CPU code-named Huron. HP seems to have tried hard to push this into the full-fledged notebook segment, keeping it away from the ULPC tag, to serve as a proper "launch vehicle" for the Yukon platform.

Talking about the notebook itself, called HP Pavilion dV2, it features a 12-inch LCD screen with a native resolution of 1280 x 800 px with LED backlit illumination. Apart from the AMD Neo, it features up to 4 GB of RAM, AMD discrete graphics and storage space of up to 500 GB (depending on the variant). Other features include gigabit Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, an external BluRay drive (optional) and an ExpressCard slot. All this enclosed in a durable magnesium-alloy based chassis. The Pavilion dV2 Neo will reach shelves only later this year in April, and will be priced at US $699.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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Very important question:

Q. Is that a matte or a glossy screen?

Other than the bling (not my taste) the system looks good. Nice price, nice size, nice features.
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