Saturday, January 10th 2009

CES 2009: Asus

Asus has a large booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center as well. They are showing off their large line-up of EeePC branded unit. The big surprise is the new PC - the D200, which comes in a very small form factor and features a small LCD screen up front. It also comes with 2GB of memory an Atom N270. There is also a gigabit router built into the system.

Then they are showing off their high-end PC enclosure. This unit looks great but is also quite large. Read on for. You will also find the Xonar DX sound card on their booth. This is a low profile unit to expand the quite successful Xonar line-up.

Asus also has the new GeForce GTX 295 and 285 on display. While the card itself is nothing out of the ordinary, you may use the AsusOSD to overclock the unit from an external LCD display unit.Source: Asus
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4 Comments on CES 2009: Asus

Cold Storm
I do really like the look of the 285 and 295 mascot! I love the girl, but this is sweet!
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I love CES but when I goto work later today i'm going to hate it.
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That small form factor PC is kinda cool.
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I'm digging that D200! Looks sweet and has tons of functionality it seems:
The size, LCD, SATA drives and included broadband router would make this a very small and efficient home server/media center.
I just wish I knew the price!
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