Sunday, January 18th 2009

CES 2009: Evga

EVGA is also showing off a few very interesting items. The first being a remote thin client. This unit gives you the ability to access a PC from an outside location, while the machine itself remains in a secure location. All the data is transmitted through a network connection. This includes the display information over DVI. The thin client can drive two DVI based displays, USB and audio. Read on for information on the X58 Classified board.

Then there is the new X58 based mainboard. It is simply called "Classified" and features a lot of unique extras not found on any other boards. The obvious differences over their first X58 board are the color choice and the extremely large chipset cooler. The cooler actually lights up with red LEDs once it is turned on.

But there is more, EVGA has included two eight PIN power connectors to feed all the needed power to the CPU, an onboard reset, power and clear CMOS buttons at the very bottom of the PCB. On top of that you will receive an small, external PCB so you will not loose access to these buttons even after installing three large GPUs. You will also find voltage measuring points by the memory banks, so that you can monitor them straight at the source.

Then there are the range of graphic cards. The GTX285 and GTX295. The first does not looks much out of the ordinary. The GTX 295 does feature the same cooler as all the others, but EVGA has added another heatspreader on the bare side of the PCB to further aid in cooling the GPU.

EVGA is even considering offering PSUs. They are showing off two prototype units. One of them features a modular cable tree, while the larger wattage version does not. The latter has four 6 pin PCIe and four 8 pin PCIe power connectors. It should be rated somewhere around 1200W, while the smaller unit should be around 750W.Source: EVGA
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Rhyseh said:
Silly me 295 is 2 GPU's on the 1 PCB please ignore...
Nope, its 2 GPU's on 2 PCBs:p
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I think I actually want to go X58 now..
damn not having the cash lol
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