Monday, January 26th 2009

ASRock nForce 3 Motherboard Supports Phenom II

With the AMD K8 architecture, AMD had made it very simple for CPUs and motherboards to get along. Memory support being purely subjective to the memory controller on the CPU, the only thing the motherboard chipset was left to do was to connect the rest of the system to the CPU using the HyperTransport interface. With the introduction of the DDR2 supportive AM2 socket that was mostly pin-compatible with socket 939, motherboard vendors took to cost-cutting using older s939 and s754-"supportive" chipsets such as the NVIDIA nForce 3. ASRock is one of them. The company used the nForce 3 in the AM2NF3-VSTA motherboard.

Having bought that motherboard in its time, might just pay off now, with the company including it in its latest socket AM3 CPU compatibility list. The motherboard might go on to support the latest Phenom II X4, X3 series; Athlon X4, X3 series, and other processors in AMD's 45nm desktop CPU lineup. That will also add to the reputation of the NVIDIA nForce 3 chipset being the only platform core-logic to span across three generations of CPU sockets: socket 754, socket 939, and socket AM2. And supporting AMD processors from three generations of sockets: AM2, AM2+ and AM3. This is what AMD originally conceived when designing its socket model. Unfortunately, vested commercial interests and "sandbagging" have plagued many a motherboard manufacturer who continue to discriminate CPU support within the AM2/3 socket series, to create new product lines, and to keep their sales up.

Source: Silicon Madness
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wazzledoozle said:
Nforce 3 has serious issues under windows vista. The driver support just isn't there from Nvidia, you have to use the Microsoft RTM drivers.
nvidia has a driver for the vista beta release. so it should work on vista rtm.
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That is so cool! The test center must've been crazy enough to test it!
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If it was not stated that is ASROCK I bet that I would have guessed.
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I have to love ASRock. I mean, can you name ONE other motherboard manufacturer that consistently pulls crazy/awesome tricks like these out of their hat?

Just goes to show that innovation (and good engineering) is still alive and kicking in the motherboard industry. :)
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Bird of Prey
Wow at first I was like WTF but then I thought about it and man this is awesome. Not to mention the Nforce 250 chipset was a bad mamma jamma. It was the first board I had to oc with (ultra version by MSI) and it got me started with OCing :D
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~Technological Technocrat~
I had a MSI Platinum Neo-2

My first ever system build & the first ever to O/C my AMD64 3000+ to 2.6Ghz (overclocking options were sorta weird.)
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The Exiled Airman
Mad-Matt said:
The Vista AGP Gart issue could have been partly ati's fault as well as nvidia's. Last working catalyst version is 7.7 on my vista based Abit NF2 system. Ati changed (broke?) something in cat 7.8+ and nvidia wouldnt issue a gart update to help things along and ensure full vista NF2 chipset support.
actually ATI has released AGP drivers in the Name of Hotfix

You just gotta look for them here

and yes these drivers work with 9500-3850 since i believe 3850 was last released graphics card for AGP.

i use them for my system.
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