Wednesday, February 25th 2009

AMD Istanbul Six-Core Chips On Schedule for 2H09 Release

After showing us working samples of the first six-core "Istanbul" server chips, AMD today hosted some information on its blog regarding the work process on the chips. "The silicon is healthy and we're targeting a launch in 2H09," AMD spokesperson Jake Whitman said Tuesday. "The new 6-core version of the AMD Opteron processor is scheduled to be available in the second half of this year, and it is everything we had hoped for – and more." added John Fruehe from AMD, on his blog.
With the release of "Istanbul" server chips, AMD will try to catch up with Intel and its six-core "Dunnington" processor for servers. The Socket 1207 Istanbul chips will offer an easy upgrade from current 45nm quad-core Shanghai Opterons, while still maintaining the same thermal envelope with even more cores per processor. To watch videos of "Istanbul" in action left click here.Source: AMD Blog, CNET News
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8 Comments on AMD Istanbul Six-Core Chips On Schedule for 2H09 Release

Señor Moderator
Istanbul... Istanbul... hmmm... I recall some plane from Istanbul being in the news all day long today, related?
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I live in Istanbul and its a proud for me to see a processor name Istanbul. But this processor is server type. What about AMD's desktop PC 6 core processors?
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If this processor was going to be released in the summer, they would say Q3. So the very fact they are saying 2H means they really mean Q4. Unless there are some rabbits in the AMD hat, I doubt Istanbul will be all over a Nehalem-EP dual setup, or 6 core Dunningtons.

Anyway, good luck AMD in getting this out. I like to see a bit of preformance and price pressure applied to Intel.
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This sux, need a new board, maybe new ram, etc...
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spearman914 said:
This sux, need a new board, maybe new ram, etc...
What are you talking about? These are drop in replacements for Shanghai processors, which were themselves drop in replacements for Barcelona processors (after the necessary BIOS upgrades, of course).

Unless you were talking about you personally... :p
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So basically its a tweaked 6 cores Shanghai? Considering that the Deneb performed quite competitevely against C2Q then if the same tweaks are implemented in the Istanbul it should stack up quite nicely against the Dunnigton.
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Yep, I can drop them into my Rackmounts. for a total of 12 Cores. ;-)
*loves dual Socket server boards*
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