Saturday, March 7th 2009

CeBIT 2009: CoolIT Systems

The CoolIT Systems booth has grown considerably in size, over the years. Even though their booth is not as big as at CES, the crowd is basically running them down. The Domino A.L.C cooler - of which you can expect a review soon - is being accepted by the public and the industry quite nicely. They are showing off two custom made PCs, which are made by Kobalt Computers. Both are cooled by CoolIT technology. The one which really impressed me - both due to build quality and the amount of CoolIT hardware used is the black unit. These two are probably the craziest systems I have seen this year around.Source: CoolIT System
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coolIT look strange but cool at the same time and a lot of people respect their gear i just havnt see any lately and not the type of case i would need or want but cool eitherway
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Crazy 4 TPU!!!
Weird looking cases, lets just hope it keeps the computer as cool as it looks.

Would be pretty funny if parts where overheating in a case that looks like
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Weird, second thread I have posted in today about CoolIt hardware. They (CoolIt) seem to be maturing very well. The early stuff was only so-so but this year, they look very refined.:)
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F@H&WCG addict
wow i need to change my pants now :eek:
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I'd rather make my own case though.....
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F@H&WCG addict
does it come with that cooling stock or have to buy it?
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Bird of Prey
CPU did a review of the Domino ALC and it cools quite nicely for around 79 bucks USD.

Its a simple, cheap easy way of testing out Watercooling.
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