Friday, April 3rd 2009

Thermaltake Toughpower 700W Reaches 80 PLUS Silver

Thermaltake Technology is pleased to announce its high performance line of power supply, Toughpower series, has been added an 80PLUS Silver power supply – Toughpower 700W (W0295). With Thermaltake’s commitment to offer users quality products, the 800W / 1200W (all 80PLUS Silver ready) will also be ready in Q2.

80 PLUS is a cutting-edge, electric utility-funded program whose mission is to integrate energy-efficient power supplies into desktop computers and servers. The 80PLUS Silver standard certifies PSU that has 85%, 88%, and 85% or higher energy efficiency rate at 20%, 50%, and 100% of loading, respectively. This requirement makes an 80 PLUS Silver certified power supply considerably more efficient than any other traditional 80 PLUS power supplies.
Thermaltake’s Toughpower series has gained a reputation for providing excellent performance and high efficiency to enthusiasts’ gaming machines. Toughpower 700W (80PLUS Silver) is equipped with high quality Japanese capacitors for superb performance and reliability. With the use of LLC resonant technology and individual feedback control circuit for both 12V and 5V, the new structure performs the good voltage regulation for each output, high stability for dynamic loading and excellent system compatibility. The efficiency of the new Toughpower series can reach up to 90.49 percent and power factor will be almost 0.99. These figures prove the performance of the new Toughpower 700W (80PLUS Silver) is far beyond 80 PLUS Silver’s requirement.

Toughpower 700W (80PLUS Silver) is also equipped with the support for latest Intel Core Extreme/i7, Xeon and AMD Opteron and SLI or CrossFireX and AMD GAME! The new Thermaltake Toughpower 700W (80PLUS Silver) is now here to power up your system with the best performance!Source: Thermaltake
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Bird of Prey
Very nice. Nice to see more PSU makers going for the certification. I Did notice on the 80 plus site that Corsair isnt a player on the gold or silver stage for certification. Im hoping that will change.
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psu makers now will compete on efficiency levels.
when everyone reaches silver and gold levels, get ready for the price war.
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Salsoolo said:
when everyone reaches silver and gold levels, get ready for the price war.
What war ... most PSU's today, are all great .

What all are looking for, are publicity around their brand ...

Funny enough one model only , can not make the brand as leader !! :D
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^im saying this because it looks like psu makers are taking 80 plus levels seriously. you'll know that when most well known makers reach 90+, we're not there yet.

ps. do you buy a 700w that have 90+ or a one thats 80+? (assuming theres no big price gap)
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88 - 85 - 88? what a FAIL :laugh:, 99% would be great XD
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^ lol
100 is technically impossible right?
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With switching power supplies its really hard to get to 95%.(I'm not exactly sure though)
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