Monday, May 18th 2009

SilverStone Readying 1500 W Monster PSU

SilverStone is going for the (over)kill with a 1500W enthusiast-grade PC power supply. The Strider Series 1500W (model: SST-ST1500) is one of the first 1000+ Watt PSUs to carry the 80 Plus Silver efficiency rating. This PSU made for an early-sighting at this year's CeBIT event, and is gearing up for launch very soon. It delivers 1500W of continuous, and 1600W of peak power. It features a 100% modular cable design, meaning that even the 24-pin ATX and EPS cables are modular unlike in most modular PSUs.

The unit measures 150 x 86 x 220 mm (WxHxD). Under the hood are eight +12V rails, that belt out up to 120A of current. Active PFC is available. The ATI CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI certified PSU features four 6+2 pin, and eight 6-pin PCI-Express power connectors. High-grade Japanese capacitors are used. A 135 mm fan with a minimum noise-output of 19 dBA keeps this beast cool. Applications? Plenty: an enthusiast could run a highly-tweaked multi-GPU PC, and be able to directly power one or two thermo-electric coolers.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara
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kenkickr said:
Cool!! Now it only takes one PSU to power your team of 5 at your next lan LOL :laugh: Isn't this getting close to the danger zone of a wall outlet max output?
Whats the max in the US?

UK sockets are capable of outputing 230v @ 13A = 3kW
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I wonder what it is in SA... :ohwell:
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I figure not everybody has brand new wires and outlets, I now mine are probably 30+ years old if not older.
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got 2 pcp 750 watts in my tj07, and thats running like cream :D

2 rails, 60 amps at both, 120 total, and well, its just 2 rails! if you got space for it, i reccon those pc power and cooling 750 watts units, they are fairly cheap, and when you run them both together they are really quiet, unless you actually use 1500 watts, ive drawn 900 watts from one of the units once, and it went smooth, abit of noise.

but still this unit looks sweet, silverstone is quality! but still, a like my pc power & coolin dual 750 watts, i bet they are good for another 4 years( have had them for 1 and with 5 years warranty, they surely aint a bad deal!)
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alexp999 said:
There is a single rail 1200w PSU! :eek:
My mistake, it's only 1000w:

max power depends on the circuit breaker. most circuit breakers run at 15a 120v here which translates into 1800w, but there are multiple circuit breakers. some run at 30a which is 2600w
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alexp999 said:
Whats the max in the US?

UK sockets are capable of outputing 230v @ 13A = 3kW
Standard is 120v x 20A but with larger wire you could run 30A. Of course, you never load it above 80%.
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