Tuesday, May 19th 2009

Transcend Teams Up with Trend Micro to Release Antivirus USB Flash Drives

Transcend Information, Inc., a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, today announced its alliance with Trend Micro, Inc., a global leader in Internet content security, to offer advanced Trend Micro USB Security software preloaded on its newest USB flash drive, the JetFlash V15. With this powerful combination of Transcend hardware and industry-leading Trend Micro software, users can now share, store and manage valuable data more safely and securely than ever.

To combat against a rise in Autorun malware that infect removable drives and then spread across corporate networks that Trend Micro threat researchers discovered last year, a unique software program called Trend Micro USB Security was developed specifically to protect against malicious content in files transferred to a USB flash drive. With its easy-to-use interface and simple one-step activation process, Trend Micro USB Security protects the JetFlash V15 from the first moment it is plugged in. If threats are discovered, users will be alerted and all infected files will be quarantined.
“Our USB Security software paired with Transcend’s USB flash drive makes it easy for consumers to add another layer of powerful protection against Internet threats and viruses that could harm their irreplaceable data and files,” said Carol Carpenter, vice president of consumer marketing. “We’re pleased to be able to team with Transcend in delivering smart, easy-to-use security so consumers can enjoy online activities with peace of mind.”

“We look forward to deploying Trend Micro’s USB Security on our JetFlash V15,” said Transcend Vice President Steve Chang. “This is an exciting partnership that ultimately improves the lives of portable storage users by giving them the convenience of storing anything on their JetFlash USB flash drive with confidence that their files are safe from harmful viruses.”

When the JetFlash V15 is plugged into a computer with Internet access, Trend Micro USB Security will automatically download and install the latest security updates directly onto the drive. Thanks to its powerful Trend Micro USB Security built-in software, Transcend’s JetFlash V15 AntiVirus USB Flash Drive can freely be used in any computer without having to worry about malicious data hitching a ride while transferring files.

Transcend’s capless JetFlash V15 flash drive features a retractable USB connector with lock-switch, which makes the drive easier to use and protects it from damage during travel. Its shiny gloss design includes a convenient attachment hook that not only helps prevent accidental loss, but also makes the drive easier to remove from a USB port. With outstanding storage performance, a preloaded, full-featured, 90-day trial version of Trend Micro USB Security, plus Transcend’s renowned global lifetime warranty service, the JetFlash V15 is a feature-packed portable storage device that offers users peace of mind by protecting precious personal data from hackers, viruses or cybercriminals.Source: Transcend
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9 Comments on Transcend Teams Up with Trend Micro to Release Antivirus USB Flash Drives

LOL that autorun virus is at like EVERY school/uni computer in sydney.
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it doesn't affect me:laugh:
I use NOD and nothing else:D
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Im assuming Trend Micro have improved since the Pc Cillan days i got rid of that quick smart and replaced with Kaspersky so much better. :D
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rofl @ industry-leading Trend Micro software
If i were dead, I would turn in my grave :roll:
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TBH, TM has come a long way - their software is amoung the most secure out there, as is their firewall. As well, their software continues to rate very high in reliable reviews, scoring right alongside all the other major players - that considered, I think they've earned a place as industry leading . . . just like Kaspersky and a few others have.

I've been using PC-Cillin IS Pro for the last few years, and considering some of the absolute worst tripe of the i-net I dredge myself through, I have yet to have any infection while TM firewall and IS is up. :toast:
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i have one from a year but it is LG , and it is very effective anti virus
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it makes me wish that people like kaspersky would offer a flash drive cleaner. it installs to a flash drive as read only to protect itself, and autoruns when you plug it in to scan the PC.
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No product is perfect, even kaspersky 09 with the latest definitions falls to its knees as some of the newer Ransomware/scamware rogues like PAV. (provided someone is silly enough to allow the threat to execute in the first place)

HIPs and UAC and the likes, are security layers that are supposed to prevent these infections from getting onto systems, but the vast majority of internet security products wont stop thse infecitons if its allowed to be executed on the system ( a few will, it would be bias of me to talk about those though)
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