Tuesday, June 2nd 2009

Glacialtech Presents New CPU Coolers and HTPC Cases

There are a few new CPU coolers on display at the Glacialtech booth here at Computex. The first is the F101, which comes with a 120 mm fan. It has a unique shape, as part of the cooler hovers over the chipset. Then you have the mainstream coolers, with prices starting at around 25 US Dollars. These should be great alternatives to the boxed CPU coolers. They are also presenting a new fans, with the aim to deliver silent performance - simply called "the silent blade" series with the companies own fan blade design.

On top of that, they are showing off their HTPC cases. Besides the one we have reviewed in the past, they are also offering full height enclosures with an LCD display or VFD. Both should be very competitive in price, when compared to similar products from other companies.
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2 Comments on Glacialtech Presents New CPU Coolers and HTPC Cases

That F101 in one weird cooler, need to see more pictures to understand.

Some of the fans look like they have a plug to connect other fans. Arctic Cooling has that in ther PWM line. Would be nice if you are using 2 PWM fans for CPU cooler. Seems they wen't the Noctua route with the color, don't know if it's good or not :p

Anyhow, like Glacialtech fans a lot, only ones I have in my rig. One PWM and rest 3pin. Might have to give those baby blue fans a try too, although these 1000rpm fans are already silent, would like to know the CFM of those new blades.
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