Saturday, June 27th 2009

TechPowerUp World Community Grid Team Amongst Top 100 Teams

The TechPowerUp World Community Grid (WCG) team crossed an important milestone today, reaching a world rank of 99, entering the top 100 domain. The team ranks (TC) 99 out of 15,293 according to WCG statistics aggregator BOINC Synergy. 118 out of registered 132 members are active. According to statistics from, the team will enter the top 90 teams in 10 days (at its present rate), and top 75 in about one month. The team's growth like clockwork could not have been possible without the invaluable contributions of its members, who believe in doing their bit for the various scientific and socially-relevant problems WCG attempts to solve. To learn more about contributing to the team, please visit this page. Extended team statistics can be viewed here.
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10 Comments on TechPowerUp World Community Grid Team Amongst Top 100 Teams

Way to go Chrunchers! Hats off to you! :toast:
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Great job guys! Keep crunching!:rockout:
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The Mad Moderator
I welcome all TPU members to the cause, even if you can only crunch for a few hours per day. Every bit helps. Just visit the WCG forums and see why we have grown so much in the last few months!!
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
way to go guys! we've been monster truckin it for a while now. good to see team TPU in top 100.

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YAY!!! Glad my electric bill is going to some good use.
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caleb said:
For ppl stupid enough to leave their computers on 24/7
I suppose you can place me in your very narrow class:D

I have for the last 5 years run as many as 48 computers 24/7/365, all crunching some kind of science project. I believe[and many others] that it will benefit mankind in the long run.


no, i didn't watch a hour and a half video.
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The Watchful Moderator
What more can be said......
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