Saturday, June 27th 2009

Philips Intros PowerSensor-equipped LCD Monitor

Philips today introduced an LCD monitor with a unique energy-saving feature. The 22 inch Brilliance LCD with PowerSensor draws parallels with a proximity-sensor technology. It makes sure the optimal (or user-set) brightness levels are enabled only when the user is in front of it. When it finds that the user left it alone, it steps down the brightness and contrast levels by 50 percent to cut-down energy consumption. This feature is embedded in the monitor's own firmware, and doesn't require the host PC to control it. Its sensitivity is configurable, and can detect users anywhere from 30 to 120 cm (1 to 4 ft.) The PowerSensor feature aside, as a monitor, it offers a native resolution of 1680 x 1050, 1000:1 static contrast ratio, 5 ms of response time, and inputs from DVI and D-Sub. It is priced at about £170 (US $280) in the UK.

Source: Engadget
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4 Comments on Philips Intros PowerSensor-equipped LCD Monitor

Nice, really nice don't digg the looks but im trying to be as eco friendly as I can, it would work well for me.
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that would suck for me, as i watch shows from across the room :(

Great (and i mean REALLY great) for large businesses with tons of cubicles.
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TPU addict
Sounds cool, hope the 5ms is not GTG. Typically i have brightness and such lower than 50% when using a LCD so would it set it to 25% or less in that case ?. Or go brighter lol ?.
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Awesome feature, altho something else to go faulty :p
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