Tuesday, June 30th 2009

Scythe Makes Big Shuriken Official

Scythe Europe hereby announces the availability of the new compact-size BIG Shuriken CPU Cooler. This new product enriches the series of compact and silent CPU Coolers for computes with very limited height and weight restrictions. Due to its height of only 58 mm and the weight of 405 g, the BIG Shuriken CPU Cooler is perfectly qualified for such PC Systems.

Compared to normal Shuriken CPU Cooler which comes with a Kaze Jyu 100 mm Slim fan, the BIG Shuriken CPU Cooler is equipped with the brand new Slip Stream 120 mm Slim case fan with 12 mm thickness. Despite the name “BIG” Shuriken, the total height shrank by 6 mm (0.236 in) to 58 mm (2.28 in). Whereas the Shuriken CPU Cooler was equipped with 3 copper heatpipes the BIG Shuriken CPU Cooler received an additional copper heatpipe to further increase the performance. Yet, both of the models support the PWM feature (pulse-width modulation) for flexible fan by the motherboard. The specified fan speed varies from 650 (+300) to 1600rpm (±10%) whereas the generated airflow varies from 15.77 to 38.05 CFM (27 to 65 m³/h) at a noise level of 12.91 to 28.89 dBA.
Using the supplied fan clips, it is possible to attach any aftermarkets 120 mm case fan (without tunnel mountings) to further customize the airflow and noise level of your PC. Big Shuriken CPU Cooler can be mounted easily on the Intel socket 478, T / LGA 775, LGA1366 and AMD socket 754, 939, AM2, AM2+, AM3, 940 tool-free by using the included VTMS clips.

Big Shuriken CPU Cooler is available at MSRP of 24.95 EUR (excluding VAT) or US$ 34.95 (excluding TAX).

Product Details:
Model Name: BIG Shuriken CPU Cooler

Model Number: SCBSK-1000

Sockel 478
Sockel T / LGA 775
Sockel LGA1366

Sockel 754
Sockel 939
Sockel AM2
Sockel AM2+
Sockel AM3
Sockel 940

Dimensions: 125x135x58 mm / 4.92x5.31x2.28 in (Overall)
120x120x12 mm / 4.72x4.72x0.47 in (Fan)

Fan Speed: 650 (+300 rpm) ~ 1600 rpm (±10%) - PWM controlled

Noise Level: 12.91 ~ 28.89 dBA

Air Flow: 27 - 65 m³/h / 15.77 - 38.05 CFM

Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing

Connector: 4-pin PWM

Weight: 405 g (14.28 oz)
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5 Comments on Scythe Makes Big Shuriken Official

Sexy Shuriken is more like it! :D
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Cheeseball said:
Sexy Shuriken is more like it! :D
Yea, baby! ...Really, that does look like a well designed compact cooler w/ latest tech fan.
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I wonder if it's better than my CM Gemini II S...
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How the hell are you supposed to mount that behemoth on an Intel or AMD board?
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Major_A said:
How the hell are you supposed to mount that behemoth on an Intel or AMD board?
Usually with clips or push pins. :p

Seriously, if this thing isn't too big where it starts to interfere with RAM or NB coolers, I think I've found my next heatsink for a build I'm working on.
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